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Senior Care and Well-being

Secured $4.8 million dollars to expand PACE eligibility and increased the available slots for services. 

Empowering Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault

Put forth legislation to make it easier for survivors to report assault and receive justice. 

Removal of Illegal Junkyards and Auto Lots

Held a televised press conference highlighting the environmental dangers and negative health impact of illegal junkyards and auto lots in the community. 

Small Business Support and Recovery

Voted in favor of legislation to improve labor shortages and bring new jobs into the District. 

Lowering Pension Taxes

Supported pension tax cuts for people receiving previously earned benefits 

Improving Access to Mental Health

Co-sponsored a mental health bill package to reduce administrative fees, enhance access to services, and improve the quality of care.

 Bettering Local Infrastructure

Voted “yes” on a state budget that included historic investments in infrastructure.

Issues that Matter

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